New goals!

I cannot believe what my life is becoming! How did this happen to me?? The numbers are still coming in because it hasn't been a full month yet however this whole stationery life has become the biggest blessing ever! I get to stay at home, and basically do something I used to do for free. And get paid. I get to make amazing friends. I get to stare at cute stuff all day. I have only owned my etsy shop since January and it is literally the best "job" I've ever had. YouTube as well! I hit 5,000 subscribers last Saturday (5/30) and today is Saturday (6/3) at 3am and I am so close to 5,700... In ONE WEEK!! What?!?! I have been totally slacking this week. I only uploaded one video and I only worked on orders once. I blame shark week. Which is a new term I'm loving! I have 3 videos filmed and ready to edit but I have been LAZY. 

Anyways, this post is about goals!! I am going to start back on my workout clean eating grind ASAP! And getting a real blog! Is that something you guys would like videos of or blogs?? Btw, I'm going to stop neglecting blogging as well! K end 3am rambles!

Xoxo, Emma



These might be my favorite stickers, well behind the bubble tea stickers that I will upload next!
there is two different stickers, one is a left sticker that has 3 bottom stickers and one is a right sticker that has 4 bottom stickers for each side of the page if that makes sense!
I opened these in word and tried to cram as many on one sheet as I could (:

How cute are those?! I don't know what I'm going to put down there but it would be an awesome place for gratitude, dinners, workouts, social media like new youtube vid/new blogpost etc!
What are YOU going to put down there?! Let me know in the comments!

I have alternative boxes as well, they have lighter color in the boxes of the same color like this:



As always please do not redistribute and send your friends to my blog if they'd love them as well!
Tag me on instagram @inspiredblush if you use them, I'd love to see!

XOXO, Emma

Hard Work For You!

Okay everyone, I have been working SO HARD to provide free stickers for you all! I am having so much fun making stickers to match the monthly themes!
I bought my Erin Condren because I thought it would be something I enjoy doing and I was totally right, unfortunately sometimes that means I have to decorate a few weeks in advanced (for photo opportunities and such)

If you don't know, this is what an Erin Condren page looks like plain (at least for May)

I've taken my planner from that to this.

And the best part?! ALL of these stickers are/will be available for FREE here! On my blog!!
(Sorry for the shoddy photos, it's 1:10am as I type this..)

I personally really enjoy cutting my stickers out by hand, its kind of relaxing. Although I'd really love to invest in a Silhouette soon. But for now, I hope you all enjoy my stickers!!
(Bubble tea and bottom bow boxes will be up by Saturday 4/25)

Thank you all for your continued support and kind words.
XOXO, Emma