New goals!

I cannot believe what my life is becoming! How did this happen to me?? The numbers are still coming in because it hasn't been a full month yet however this whole stationery life has become the biggest blessing ever! I get to stay at home, and basically do something I used to do for free. And get paid. I get to make amazing friends. I get to stare at cute stuff all day. I have only owned my etsy shop since January and it is literally the best "job" I've ever had. YouTube as well! I hit 5,000 subscribers last Saturday (5/30) and today is Saturday (6/3) at 3am and I am so close to 5,700... In ONE WEEK!! What?!?! I have been totally slacking this week. I only uploaded one video and I only worked on orders once. I blame shark week. Which is a new term I'm loving! I have 3 videos filmed and ready to edit but I have been LAZY. 

Anyways, this post is about goals!! I am going to start back on my workout clean eating grind ASAP! And getting a real blog! Is that something you guys would like videos of or blogs?? Btw, I'm going to stop neglecting blogging as well! K end 3am rambles!

Xoxo, Emma

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