Trendy Pineapple Erin Condren Cover!!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This cover has been HIGHLY requested ever since I posted it on my instagram @inspiredblush <-- if you aren't following! ;)

Just open it up in photoshop or whatever photo editor you have and add your name!
The font I used is called ballerina script and you can download it here.

If you aren't sure how to use fonts, you right click and extract it, then open Control Panel and click view by large(or small) icons and drag the font into where it says fonts! It should show up in your editing programs and word and such! If you are on a Mac.... I'm sorry, I don't know!

Btw: My Pom Pom is from @kaylaplans and @smurski on instagram! They are an amazing mother and daughter duo who I ADORE.

click these links to download the covers:

I suggest printing these covers on bright white card stock and using a 10mm laminating sheet to laminate them! BTW, your scotch laminator WILL laminate 10mm sheets, read the instructions ;)

I hope you all enjoy this cover!! Please tag me on instagram because I'd love to see!!!
Xoxo, Emma

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  1. Hey, where do you purchase your 10mm laminating sheets?